The Main Features explained

Set Up

Personalise the platform with your logo and with a dedicated URL.
Organise the study, times and topics before starting.
Create and manage your topics as you wish with themes and sub-themes.
Compatible with tablets and smartphones.
Create spectator accounts for your end clients and chat with them through a dedicated chat.
Insert texts, images, videos etc. at any time, from your moderation guide to be even more efficient.


Interact in a synchronous or asynchronous way in group discussions or individually.
Add pictures and videos and invite your participants to post their own multimedia.
Survey the participants' opinions through quantitative questions.
Switch from an individual discussion to a group discussion for richer content.
Share with your participants using video conference.
Tag words or a group of words to highlight them in a discussion.

Extra tools

With our word analysing tool you can see word occurrences, tags, detailed statistics etc.
Analyse during and after the study using our flexible export module: choice of participants, topics, discussions etc.
Contact participants with our messaging tool and send emails straight from the platform.
Enjoy a multi country platform.
Dedicated hotline.
See the number of words posted by each participant to reward the most actives.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any feature that isn't listed above !