The different Online Qualitative Methods explained

Online Focus Groups

Online Focus Groups

  • Using text or video conference
  • Studies can last from 1 to 3 hours
  • 5 to 15 respondents
  • Ideal for bringing together hard to reach respondents, or to further research a quantitave study
  • The moderator and the participants connect simultaneously to collectively discuss a topic
  • Benefits: Save money and time by not needing you or or your participants to travel
Online Bulletin Boards

Online Bulletin Boards

  • Studies can last from just a few days to several months
  • 10 to 50 participants
  • Ideal for observing behaviour evolution, testing products and building missions (mystery shopping, retail pictures…)
  • Asynchronous mode: Participants are not obliged to connect stimutaneously
  • Benefits: You are in constant/permanent contact with the participants
Online Bulletin Boards

Individual Blogs

  • The time length of studies can range from just a few days to several weeks
  • Individual: Participants each have a dedicated space to share their habits and opinions
  • Ideal for obtaining very detailed insights from each participant, and encourages them to express themselves freely
  • Benefits: Participants are more willing to express themselves and the process is a lot less time consuming
Online Communities

Online Communities

  • For studies lasting several months
  • Minimum of 30 participants
  • Ideal for studying brand awareness among the population, which in turn creates a communitty of ambassadors
  • Plan animations weekly to ensure the paritcipants are fully engaged (texts, videos, sketches etc). The more animations there are, the more invested the participants will be
  • Benefits: gather long term insights

You can combine studies, or use them in addition to offline Quant or Qual studies.